Fif jealous at bra treatment Drizzy received during his tour

Published on August 23, 2023

Drake has made history among rappers in the United States as he pulls in over $5 from his latest show. He did all that in just one show.

However, that and some other gains from the rapper may have caused his fellow rapper to admit that he’s jealous. 50 Cents just revealed that he’s jealous of all the love Drake received from those throwing bras at him during his show.

Fif wrote on his social media page: “It’s too many [ninja]’s on this tour shit, treat me like I’m DRAKE. [shrug emoji] I want to see tetas too.”

He may look for an opportunity to get the same treatment on his show too.

Of course, not only is this show the highest concert of Drake, but that it puts in the spotlight and this is a new beginning in his career.

Social media is awash with the info that Drake has set a new record for rappers, by becoming the first to earn over $5 million in a single arena-concert in US history.  He had over $5 million each night at Capital One Arena in Washington on July 28 and 29.

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