What attitude must we guard against?

Published on July 8, 2023

7. What attitude must we guard against?

We must guard against the attitude that some in the world have toward the good news. They feel that the good news of everlasting life is not real. We shouldn’t allow their skeptical attitude to affect us. So, we must keep strengthening our faith.

14. How does the ministry strengthen our faith?

According to sister Barbara, she says the more she talk to others about Jehovah’s wonderful promises, the more her faith is kept alive and strong. That means as we try to build the faith of others, our own faith keeps growing as well.

18. How can observing creation strengthen our faith in the coming new world?

Although the new world is not yet here, the things we see like for example, the stars, the trees, the animals, and our fellow humans are real and they exist. Jehovah made it happen. He will make is promises about giving us endless life in perfect health. At that time the new world will become as real as the universe around us today.

HOW CAN WE STRENGTHEN OUR FAITH BY engaging in spiritual activities?

We take seriously the attending of congregation meetings, field ministry, and Bible study activities. These 3 areas continually help us to build our faith.

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