2Pac (Tupac) Shakur’s step father kicks the bucket

Published on July 8, 2023


2Pac’s stepfather, Mutulu Shakur passed away this week, after he had a long battle with rare form of blood cancer. It’s also reported that this form of disease is incurable.
Who announced his death?
Twitter activist Kamau Franklin announced the passing of 2Pac’s stepfather. He actually died on Thursday night. He was 72 years old.

In the Twitter post, Franklin wrote that Mutulu passed away on Thursday night, also mentioning that Mutulu was a member of the New Afrikan movement, member of the Black Liberation Army, stepfather of 2Pac Shakur.

The tweet also mentioned that Mutulu spent 36 years behind bars as a political prisoner, prisoner of war.

Other notable individuals paid tribute to Mutulu.

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