The battle between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem

Published on June 10, 2024

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem face off…

Machine Gun Kelly challenges Eminem…

The battle between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has been a topic of much discussion in the music industry.


Turns out when Em said “this is as big as you’re gonna get so enjoy it” he was incorrect, since as much as people like to say MGK switched genres, he found massive commercial success with TTMD. So it wasn’t quite the “killshot” Em fans would want you to believe. It’s also a win as far as MGK still being at all musically relevant, despite Em trying his hardest to bury him. Most artists in his shoes wouldn’t have survived that or let alone thrived. Bar for bar MGK obviously can’t beat him but given the context and events following it’s a draw at worst


I’d say em won because his diss went harder. With that being said, Em threw the first stone in a song. MGK responded with a diss and music video within 3 days. Em basically said “I don’t know if I should respond cause I don’t want to give him exposure” even though he dissed first. Then he dropped a diss track 2 weeks later. I thought he handled it kinda silly, but killshot completely dismantled rap devil, so I’d say Em won.

And another…

That’s not true, MGK subliminally dissed em in a tech N9ne song, em fired back on “not alike”, he even mentions it there, “i don’t use sublims” “sure as hell don’t sneak diss”.(which I think that was better than kill shot, that shit was insane). Not alike is what radio devil was responding to.

There’s more back story and it all points back to MGK saying Eminem’s daughter is hot on Twitter when she was underage and he was in his 20s

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