Why Mariah Carey is among the best artists

Published on May 19, 2024

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Oh, for sure! Mariah Carey is totally in the league of the best artists, and there are sooo many reasons why! First off, her voice is just out of this world, right?

I mean, who else can hit those whistle notes that give you chills every single time? And then, there’s her versatility – she’s got hits in pop, R&B, and even dips into hip-hop.

Plus, she’s been in the game for decades and still manages to stay relevant, constantly evolving her music to fit the times. And let’s not forget the holiday anthem ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ – Christmas literally wouldn’t be the same without Mariah.

She’s a true icon with undeniable talent and timeless hits. What’s not to love?

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Oh my gosh, diving into Mariah Carey’s top hits is like stepping into a world of pure vocal magic! 🎤✨

Where do we even start? ‘Always Be My Baby’ gives you those eternal summer vibes, doesn’t it? And who can forget ‘We Belong Together’? That song is literally the soundtrack of every breakup getting its bounce back. 🎵 But, hold up, ‘

All I Want for Christmas Is You’ – I mean, does Christmas even start before this song plays? It’s like the official holiday season anthem. Mariah’s range and her ability to deliver hit after hit is just mind-blowing.

Which one’s your go-to Mariah jam?

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