Taylor Swift taking over as #1 world hitmaker

Published on October 9, 2023

There are new evidences that Taylor Swift is taking over the world in several ways as the hitmaker’s new milestone is revealed before her Eras Tour film even hits cinema screens.

Right now, her Eras Tour has surpassed an incredible milestone.

The Anti-Hero hitmaker’s new milestone is unveiled. It has been announced after the first leg of the 33-year-old Eras Tour wrapped up, the singer’s Eras Tour concert film has become a box office blockbuster and total smash hit. That’s as it hasn’t hit the cinemas yet.

The show is scheduled to hold in the UK and the US.

The US movie distributor AMC says that global sales for the show have topped $100 million. Now, within 24 hours, it beat the already seen record for the highest one-day sales.

Taylor’s film has overtaken Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, a concert film released in 2011. That film grossed $99 million in total, with Taylor’s movie’s success growing every day past $100 million.

The Eras Tour film was unveiled to be released in US movie theatres this month, and it would be coming to UK cinema screens too, probably in the same month.

The hit movie of the sold-out tour, which is coming to the UK next summer, will become a theatrical event on the big screen in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world on October 13.

Taylor’s film will officially get to cinemas around the world this October, with it due to be shown in more than 100 countries.

The BBC reports that the film could see another $100 million of box office takings in North America on its opening weekend. That will be a massive hit indeed.

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