Music: A poultry show for chickens

Music: A poultry show for chickens

This musical poultry show for chickens can only be something done by people who have a strong love of music and care for chickens a lot.

The show, which occurred in New Zealand was called Beethov-hen’s first symphony. An orchestra in New Zealand pulled off this feat to entertain chickens.

This is the first time this kind of show will be organized anywhere in the world. The show is put on to help farmers entertain their flocks. Of course, the best crew to be on the show could be none other than Chook Symphony No 1.

The show took place in the early hours of morning one Friday at a Hawke’s Bay farm. The symphony orchestra dressed in black but most of the chickens seen playing around were white. That made for a cool sync of colors. There was the crowd of people who also stood around to grace and applaud the occasion.

What the sound was like

The music had a hallmark of traditional baroque sound. It had instruments sounding like those constantly heard in coops. That was somehow a departure from culture.

There were at least a thousand chickens in attendance. None of them were ruffled during the time the show went on.

The farmers, who believe that symphony music can calm down the chickens had a partnership had a partnership with an organic free range chicken farm. They promised to deliver a piece of chicken-friendly music to enrich the farmers’ livestock, especially the chickens.

According to the orchestra, they’ve been playing music for chickens for years because there’s substantial research it can calm the animals down, and somehow make them well-behaved.

According to research, animals possess the ability to respond positively to classical music. However, chickens are said to be more responsive to baroque.

The composers drew on Corelli, Bach, and Scnittke because they wanted to produce playful sounds well accustomed to chickens’ world.


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