July 2023: Rapper Nas may new drop new collection

Published on July 16, 2023


Long time rapper, Nas has partaken in a renaissance throughout the course of recent years, and rumors from far and wide suggest that the veteran could have one more collection, possibly an album on the way this year.

On July 14, a Reddit account that is viewed as a “Nas insider” and goes by the handle Exact_Contribution54 answered followers requesting what’s up from the MC, briefly stating “July 21.”

When inquired as to whether the date relates to a single or a collection, the person answered: “Collection [witch emoticon, Vol. 2 book emoji].

Hiphopdx.com composed that in light of the above emoticons, fans are expecting that the collection may be a development to Nas’ 2021 album, “Magic”.

Magic project was likewise delivered as a shock with no limited time rollout, so a spin-off is a sad reach, considering what little data has been shared.

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