How can we encourage one another?

Published on July 1, 2023

5. How can we encourage one another if few are in attendance?

Since only a few are in attendance, we should be willing to raise our hand frequently to comment. That alone can also motivate others to comment more.

8. How does Jehovah view our best efforts?

Jehovah appreciates our sincere efforts to do what we can. We need to understand that giving our best does not mean putting an unbearable strain on ourselves. Even Jehovah will not be happy when we do that.

10. How might we increase our chances of giving a comment?

We may have to prepare several comments for each meeting because we may not be called on to comment right away. Doing that gives us the opportunities to comment as the meeting progresses. If we think about how each paragraph ties in to the theme of the article we will likely have something to offer throughout the lesson. We could also prepare to comment on paragraphs that discuss deeper truths that are more difficult to explain. If all these suggestions fail, we might approach the conductor before the meeting and tell him which question we want to answer.

13. How can we allow more in the audience to share in commenting?

For one thing, we can keep our comments brief. That allows time for others to express themselves. It is best when cover only few points in our short comments. It gives room for others to comment as well.

(So, sister – if you’re called upon to comment, talk about only one point in this paragraph, lol)

16. How might we encourage others who comment?

We can listen carefully as others participate and then after the meeting commend them for their comment. Our commendation may just have been as encouraging as the comments we would have given.

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