Davido’s travails – accusations from two women, read his reply

Published on June 30, 2023


Two women accused Davido of impregnating them. The Afrobeats artist has responded to their accusations.

It is claimed that he did this while performing abroad, happening after his marriage to his long-time girlfriend, Chioma.

Things have been looking up for the artist these days as he breaks charts, and racks up heavy streaming numbers on various streaming platforms.

Two Allegations at once

The first allegation is that of Anita Brown, who said she’d been in a relationship with Davido and is pregnant with his child.

She provided what you could say were proofs of chats with Davido’s cousin.

The second woman, Ivanna Bay revealed through Instagram that the artist had forced her to sign a confidential agreement without legal representation.

How Davido is reacting?

A lot is being written on social media as I write but the most powerful post of them all is what the artist posted on his Instagram story.

Check it out below.

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