Black people got m*gic – Busta Rhymes

Published on June 28, 2023

Busta Rhymes receives unprecedented honor at the 2023 BET awards

And he, Busta Rhymes, made a powerful speech about how well he has also done on the home front. He has kids, some of them now grown up. Did he talk about his wife? Maybe I didn’t watch it long enough. There’s so many things to do these days that you hardly have time to watch a video for more than three minutes.

He was flanked by Spliff Star, and Swizz Beatz as you can see in the picture.

“I’m going to wear it on my sleeves”

That’s what he said, and count on the rapper to do just that, maybe not in front us but in front of his close friends.

Busta also shed some tears as he spoke. He dabbed his eyes with a hand towel. Is it just the hard work that now pays off with a lifetime achievement award? The rapper said part of his success is due to his black cultural heritage.

Black people got magic

Of course, every race has their type of magic. But for Busta Rhymes, “a lot of greatness from our people (African Americans) and our culture is by default cause it’s just the magic that we have,” Busta says.

He didn’t end his remarks without showing gratitude for the gift, the blessing bestowed on him. He also talked about the fire that continues to burn in his soul.

The rapper is doing good by continuing to advance the culture and to continue to contribute in a large way.

Many of his new and old friends were at the award ceremony. He alluded to it, saying “I see so many people in here that I have known and grown with for a long time.”

He said he loves his fans, and he knows they love him too.

I don’t know how true that is.


Watch the video HERE

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