What lesson about friendship can we learn from this account?

Published on June 27, 2023

9. Why do you believe in Jehovah’s promise of a future resurrection?

Jehovah has both the desire and the power to fulfill it. Even in the past, he empowered faithful men to resurrect others. Jesus did too. Many look forward to the time that Jehovah will raise the dead on a large scale.

11. What lesson about friendship can we learn from this account?

Two scenarios: Mary and Martha sent the message to Jesus, they did not ask him to come to Bethany. They simply said that his dear friend was sick. When Lazarus died, Jesus could have resurrected him from a distance. Yet, Jesus chose to go to Bethany to be with his friends Mary and Martha. So, the question is; Am I the type of friend who will come to another’s aid without being asked? That’s what true friendship is all about.

14. What can we learn about Jehovah from Jesus’ reaction to Mary’s weeping?

Jehovah is a God of tender compassion. Same can be said about Jesus because he perfectly reflects his Father’s thinking and feelings. So when we read that he wept, seeing his friends grieve, we may conclude that Jehovah too is deeply moved by our tears of sorrow.

17. What should we keep in mind when we read Bible accounts about the resurrection?

We should keep in mind that the resurrection accounts were of real people​—men, women, and children. We also want to reflect on how each example demonstrates God’s desire and power to restore the dead to life. When we think about resurrection​ of Jesus, we want to remember that his resurrection was confirmed by hundreds of eyewitnesses and that gives us a solid basis for our faith.​

What did we learn from the account of Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus?

Like his Father, Jesus has the desire and the power to fulfill that promise. His tears revealed that he has a heartfelt yearning to undo death and the sorrow that it causes. This should strengthen our faith in the resurrection hope.

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