Taxstone claims he won’t serve 35-year sentence

Published on June 22, 2023

After being sentenced to 35 years in prison, Taxstone went on social media to claim he will not serve a 35-year sentence handed down to him.

In the tweet, he wrote:

Just got 35 years for being victimized and reversing the situation the beauty in it all is..

I’m not doing 35.

Be safe tho.

Fans have also responded in various ways to his tweet, with some telling him to seek an appeal to overturn the sentence.

However, there was someone who told Taxstone he earned the sentence, now he should wear it. He also added… Be safe beloved see ya in 2050.

Taxstone fired back at the user – “Let’s make a bet.”

The former podcast star was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Tuesday for his involvemet in the 2016 shooting of Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Banga.

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