Wizkid’s 5 best love songs

Published on February 8, 2024

Wizkid remains one of the best artists Nigeria ever had. For more than 10 years, the artist has been making waves and helped paved the way in making Nigerian music popular worldwide. In this short write up, we feature five of his most popular love songs.

  1. Essence (Feat. Tems)

This is undoubtedly the best from the singer, and for Tems, who became a breakout artist at that point. Her vocals presented the songs most memorable parts. The captivating line “You don’t need other body” stood out for some American artists, making the tune song of the summer at that time.

2. True Love (Feat. Tay Iwar, Projexx)

This song benefits from the superstar’s preference of picking featured artists sparingly. The song of the same name from the album delivers good tunes and fans love it. The album is part of Wizkid’s journey to success.

3. Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)

Add soul to the music. The song adds sensitive parts to the inner being. The singer seems to have taken over the role of a wise one that all can learn from. Frames is said to have evoked the assurance of a lover playing it cool while dealing with tension.

4. Smile Feat. H.E.R.

It’s not in the same album in which Essence came out. This song is a sharp turn away from the way Wizkid used to work, in the sense that it wasn’t directly an Afropop sonic hit. The singer made a u-turn, somehow delivering something more soothing and lulling.

5. Caro Feat. L.A.X

People believed that few records were as piercing as Caro. It took a little resemblance to Fela’s Afrobeat sounds, giving an upbeat sound that fans found memorable. Think of lovers relating past intimacies with suggestive undertones while narrating the present with the required longing.

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