Music takes us wherever… A short story – Pusha T

Published on October 24, 2023


In this short story, Pusha T talks about how the team goes off to Miami, New York, LA, Europe and Japan, thrilling fans all along the way.

It’s magical how musicians are able to follow their passion through thousands and thousands of miles.

Pusha T says that’s something inside of all musicians. It takes them wherever they want to go. However, he says that for him, and his team, their hearts are always in Virginia. And that’s the message they took everywhere, for the world to understand them.

“This isn’t a slight on our hometown,” says Pusha, “but a wake-up call for the next one.”

Moments like that bring up frequencies that nobody, not even the powers that be, were picking up before..

He talked about the magic moments in music, moments nobody can quickly forget. It’s in their conversations, moments they discuss.

The interesting thing is that as he says, moments he and his team had 20 years ago are being experienced by young people today. Everywhere, in towns, cities, neighborhoods, and now in group chats.

Even if the world looks a little bit different, Pusha says the drive and ambition are still the same.

And lastly, a big advice…

If you’re in a position of power, pay attention to what’s happening around you. If you’re an artist, keep doing you.

See you at something in the water, he concludes.

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